Services Offered: 

 Business Automation EDI TransactionsSoftware Evaluation
 Increase Employee Moral Increase ProductivityCustom Solutions
 Data Processing Data ReportingStaff Training
 Claims Processing
Billing and Collections
 Network Server
Design & Setup


We review and learn your business processes and then provide you with a roadmap on how to perform these processes in a more efficient and productive way.  Our goal is to help eliminate any unnecessary steps so that your staff can produce more in a day and possibly take on other responsibilities. 

Let’s face it, we all want to do more in less time.  We keep this in mind while treating your productivity as though it were our own.


Our group of experienced staff will assist Physician's offices in the extraction process and transmition of a file via EDI in any format currently available through your Software Vendor.  We have established communication with software vendors to express the needs of groups, IPA's and providers to obtain the necessary upgrades or modules for a successful EDI transaction.

We assist Health plans, IPA’s, MSO’s, Physician Offices & Billing Offices in increasing the receipt and submission of encounter data.  We assist Physician offices with claims and AR turn-around time.

We also provide the training to the staff on the extraction and submission process. - All you do is provide us with the contact information to your Software Vendor and we will do the rest!


We are aware of how overwhelming it could be to do the research and find the right software package or painful it is to sit through software sales pitches.  Let us assist you in making the right choice by doing the research for you and then presenting you with your options.  In some cases Advanced EDI consultants have sat through vendor sales presentations to assist Physician in asking the right questions and determining the options needed.


That's right!  There are many employees that feel stressed and unhappy at work due to the volume of work and the time it takes to complete it.  LET US HELP.  Start utilizing that processor hidden inside your PC to help your office increase productivity and minimize your staff’s work load.  How do we accomplish this?  We meet with your staff and learn how they perform the work, recommend and/or change processes while empowering you on how to get the most out of your computer.  This will eliminate the need to hire additional staff by automating your office.  


We evaluate your business, departments & staff on how the work is being performed.  We then draw you a road map / blue print on what procedural changes can be made to address the areas that show signs of inefficiencies.  By taking this approach we empower your company to produce more work in less time. 


No two companies are ever alike. This is why we review your current business practices and create a custom blueprint / workflow and identify the changes that should be made to address those inefficiencies.


We receive your data in any format and make the required changes necessary to submit data in proprietary formats and/or generate reports with a more professional appearance.    


Once we have implemented procedural changes in your office we provide you with documentation / manual on your new procedures.  If, we implemented new software in your office then I help your staff in using the software.


We will meet with you to discuss your business needs and gather all information regarding requirements for the server and the amount of data that will need to be stored.  We will create all server schematics and MS Visio design to present you with verious options in design and cost.    

These services are all tailored to your unique business.  Call us and we will address any questions you may have and personally discuss how are services work.